Empowering clients to overcome their trauma through decluttering & organizing.
Are you struggling with a messy home?
When living with trauma, having an untidy home can be incredibly taxing. In your everyday life, you may…
✔️ Re-live horrifying events through nightmares
✔️ Experience debilitating depression and anxiety
✔️ Feel angry when people tell you to ‘just get over it’
✔️ Face confusion, demotivation, and fear
✔️ Not know where to start with adopting a lifestyle change
…each of which leads to papers stacking up, dishes remaining unwashed, and old belongings that should have been thrown out long ago.

That is where DO Well comes in, helping clients exchange their trauma for happier lives.
Addressing trauma, 
one piece of clutter at a time
Have you ever realized the mess in your home and committed yourself to organizing it, yet never seemed to manage to get the task done?

The reason for this is not because you are lazy, nor is it down to you not caring about the tidiness of where you live. Instead, it is likely due to unresolved trauma.

Following extensive research around the link between trauma and clutter, DO Well has launched a range of products and services, all with a single overarching goal in mind: to help clients fall back in love with their homes and their lives.

Put That Stuff Down:
The Book

Our 112-page book teaches readers about the fundamentals of PTSD, how it can manifest in everyday life, and actions they can take to overcome these obstacles.

Put That Stuff Down:
The Program

Featuring online courses and live Q&A calls every month via Zoom, clients enjoy learning about and receiving ongoing support at every stage of their decluttering journey.

Post Trauma Secrets & Decluttering:
The Podcast

Hosted by Valerie Huard and JM Tetreault, Post Trauma Secrets & Decluttering brings you on a journey from trauma to Joie de Vivre!
We understand how difficult overcoming trauma is
Addressing and dealing with trauma is no easy feat, even despite the various coping strategies you may have adopted along the way.

Discover what some of our clients say about their unique DO Well experience:

Meet the team
Wife and husband duo, Valérie Huard and JM Tetreault, created DO Well to encourage people to break free from their trauma through home organizing, decluttering, and staging.

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